In a dynamic and fast-paced market, opportunity can be hard to spot. Our ecosystem partners rely on our expertise to help them understand market opportunities on the horizon while optimizing for existing market dynamics.


Gravitational, Inc. enables developers to deliver software on any infrastructure, private, public, or hybrid clouds with their platform, Gravity. Customers receive a secure uncompromised SaaS experience on their infrastructure without any additional IT resources.



Increased competition and the speed of innovation have created a hyper-fragmented application market. Software complexity and incompatibility lead to expensive solutions and poor customer experiences. Xymbia and Gravitational have partnered to provide a common platform for independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises to build package and deploy their solutions.

Application Packaging: Gravitational packages the application with Docker and Kubernetes, which abstracts away the underlying infrastructure.
Infrastructure Provisioning: Customers pick the infrastructure they want and Gravity provisions required resources.
Application Installation: Gravity enables one- click application installation and updates following infrastructure-native best practices.
Autoscaling: Gravity will automatically provision resources for application components according to autoscale policies.
Resource Discovery: Gravity automatically discovers available resources across the cluster and exposes them to applications.
Automatic Failover: Gravity automatically performs failover of critical components, like databases.
Distributed Identity Management: Secure identity and access layer federated across customer infrastructures.
Fully Audited: Every action by a remote operator is recorded, viewable for playback and meets on-site compliance requirements.
Highly configurable: Gravity works with customers’ existing security policies and can integrate with existing monitoring and management tools. diam.